Our Writers

  • Ross Brittain (editor in chief); has been doing morning shows for 41 years. Ross also was one of the initial members of "The Z Morning Zoo" at Z100 /NYC, and did mornings at WABC /NYC in both the music and talk formats.
  • Paul Pacelli (political writer, pundit and dyed-in-the-wool conservative); is an AP-award-winning news anchor currently working at Fox News Radio in New York City on both the terrestrial side and on Fox News Headlines --Sirius/XM Channel 115. He's also a talk show host on WDRC-AM in Hartford and handles some Division I men's and women's basketball and men's hockey play-by-play for Quinnipiac University's commercial outlet, WQUN (primarily because he really gets a kick out of six hour bus rides in snowstorms and bringing back microwaved burritos and all manner beef jerky to his hotel room).
At Large:
  • Rasa Kaye (editor at large); currently at KYW-AM and WPHT-AM / Philadelphia. She was News Director and AM drive anchor at WLTW /NYC for 13 years and also has a NYC TV Emmy Award.

Celebrity Trash:

  • Heather Lee (celebrities, gossip); is the "Dirt Reporter" for CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan, a freelance voice artist and full-time mommy. She's also worked mornings at 101.9 The Wolf, Y92 and was the long-time midday /APD /talent at KDND in Sacramento, CA, as well as freelancing in television.


  • Julie Bartha (Fashion) started as the babysitter of a giant inflatable monkey at live broadcasts, then (in rapid succession) wrote news, on-air copy, worked for newspapers, PR and was a writer/editor at public radio /TV station WHYY in Philadelphia. She's currently a freelance writer, editor, occasional blogger and full-time kid-wrangler based in the Philly/South Jersey area.

Music News:

  • Vinny Marino (music news and Broadway); lives among the weird in NYC. A professor at the College of Staten Island, he also worked at WQXR /NYC and was a DJ, APD and MD at Chicago's The Loop and Q104.3 /NYC.

Offbeat Stories:

  • Rick Still (weird news, crime news) is a radio host living in Los Angeles. He is a musician and comedy writer and contributes regularly to shows like Dr Demento and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.
  • Cory Myers (weird news, crime news); is co-host of the morning show at Country 92.5, WWYZ / Hartford.


  • Skip Lane never worked on a morning show --but as an agent for William Morris, represented hundreds of "radio stars." He's currently a professor of Sports Marketing at Georgetown University.