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Headlines: Getting Up to Speed

Tuesday, October 17 ** Final Edition

Reporting this morning from just off New Jersey Turnpike Exit 4... you gotta problem with that???!
   Politics as usual: PRESIDENT TRUMP and MITCH McCONNELL of Kentucky put on a show of unity.
   Power politics: NEWT GINGRICH's wife, CALLISTA, will be the new representative to the Vatican. 
   Whoops: TRUMP's approval rating on took a major hit after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.
   Holidaze: Today in Offensive Halloween Costumes.
   Men in Uniform: Deserter Army Sgt. BOWE BERGDAHL pleads guilty yesterday.
   Internet:  Goop website is trashed by Skeptic magazine.
   Business: Starbucks offering a Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween.
   Watercooler: A 10-year-old boy falls over a railing into Niagara Falls.
   Cool: MARK CUBAN for President? It could happen.
   Hype: KATE MIDDLETON dances with Paddington the Bear!
   People: ED SHEERAN hit by a car while riding his bike yesterday.
   Broadway: Former "ER" star ANTHONY EDWARDS will make his Broadway debut.
   Fashion: The cast of "Will & Grace" just designed their own collection of bow-ties.
   Crime: Nothing like being a molester and letting everyone know by the tattoo on your forehead!
   Reality TV: SASHA PIETERS eliminated on "Dancing with the Stars."
   Television: Actress LIV TYLER has been added to the cast of the Hulu series, "Harlots."
   Hollywood: CHER has been added to the ABBA musical, "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!"
   Country music: BIG & RICH will do a free concert tomorrow in Las Vegas.
   Music: RIHANNA is getting a street named after her in her hometown.
   Old School: TOM PETTY was laid to rest yesterday.
   Extreme: British naval ship tosses their anchor overboard --which grabs an old torpedo!
   Weirdness: Here's something you don't see everyday: a live horse riding in a car.
   Monday Night Football: The Tennessee Titans beat the Indianapolis Colts, 36-22.
   Weather: Hurricane Ophelia slams into Ireland, killing at least three people so far.
   Rocket Science: Telescopes worldwide have detected a "kilonova." 
   Health: CA Gov JERRY BROWN declares a state of emergency due to a hepatitis A outbreak.
   Survey Sez: delaying the purchase of guns by a couple of days could save nearly 17-hundred lives a year.
   --Plus-- more of the trash you've come to expect!


Halloween costumes:
Party City is under fire for selling a Halloween Costume of DONALD TRUMP's border wall.
   Quotable: "Men are upset because it's insensitive. Women are mad because there's no way to make it into a slutty border wall." (A-List Comedy)

Today in Offensive Halloween Costumes... just pulled its "ANNE FRANK costume for girls" from its website after getting slammed on Twitter. People says the costume included a beret, brown satchel bag, and a blue dress pinned with a destination tag. The sales pitch: "We can always learn from the struggles of history! Now, your child can play the role of a World War II hero with this girls World War II costume."
   Social media users pointed out that selling a costume of a child who hid for years in an attic to avoid systemic genocide before eventually dying in a death camp along with most of her family might not be a good look for Halloween. A spokesperson for the website apologized and said they never intended to offend people. (Bartha)

Cool women to be for Halloween:
Adapted from, these ideas are fashionable, original and don't rely on the same boring stand-bys and "sexy"-whatever-costumes in the stores:
   --Instead of going as a generic ballerina, go as MISTY COPELAND! Misty has broken barriers in the ballet world as the American Ballet Theater's first lead dancer of color and she's crossed-over into the mainstream with more endorsement deals than some sports stars. Channel Misty's style with a piece from her actual Under Armour line (which you can use for workouts too) and pair it with a tutu. Add ballet flats and use natural makeup, glossy lips and neutral eye colors to finish the look with a grand jete!

   --Instead of going as "sexy cowgirl," go as DOLLY PARTON! She's a rhinestone cowgirl, a savvy businesswoman, a multi-talented artist and the most-awarded country singer of all time. Yes, you'll need a (very) padded bra to get started. But to do right by Dolly, go shopping at a genuine destination for genuine western-style clothing and cowboy boots like (or even better, shop at Add as many rhinestones as you can. Go for very heavy colorful makeup, and don't forget the hair --the bigger and blonder the bouffant, the better. The finishing touch --get into Dolly's character and smile!

   --Instead of going as Harley Quinn (so obvious!), go as "Agent Carter!" The Marvel universe superhero spy as played by HALEY ATWELL in the now-gone-but-never-forgotten TV series rocks some serious classic World War II-era fashion chops. Pinup Girl Clothing is a great place to shop for most of Peggy Carter's retro look. Don't forget her distinctive red hat, and bold red lip color. For make-up, Espionage Cosmetics Eye Spy Collection, which contains colors named after real-life secret agents.

   --Instead of doing "Day of the Dead" flowery skulls, celebrate artist and style icon FRIDA KAHLO. Kahlo considered fashion as another way of expressing herself; she wore loads of jewelry, peasant blouses, and her signature floral crowns, like the ones available here from indie designer Davoud Collective. Her untamed unibrow is essential, so use something like the Maybelline pomade brow crayon, or Wunderbrow to connect yours together. (Bartha)