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Headlines: Getting Up to Speed

Friday, June 30 ** Final Edition

Reporting this morning from Chicago, IL... you gotta problem with that???!
   Holidaze: It's National Take Your Dog to Work Day!
   Politics as usual: PRESIDENT TRUMP sez he doesn't have any recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director JAMES COMEY. So there.
   Power politics: The Supreme Court sez a naturalized immigrant cannot be stripped of his-or-her citizenship for making false statements that are irrelevant.
   Business: A popular fitness blogger and Instagram model dies after a pressurized canister used for dispensing whipped cream explods, hitting her in the chest.
   Hype: The Hollywood Walk of Fame committee published a list of people who'll be getting stars this year. See Broadway, TV, Hollywood and Music.
   People: "Biggest Loser" trainer BOB HARPER is on the mend after suffering a near-fatal heart attack.
   Royalty: PRINCE HARRY sez nobody in the Royal Family wants to wear the crown after the Queen.
   Gossip: Filming for the "Downton Abbey" movie will begin next year. See Tube Talk.
   Shocking: Another day, another tale about MARIAH CAREY's divalicious behavior.
   Broadway: The stage musical version of MEAT LOAF's "Bat Out Of Hell" album opened Tuesday in London.
   Fashion: "The Melania" is the next biggest trend in plastic surgery. See Boonies for details.
   Crime: Arkansas cops are looking for a woman they say tried to shoplift a stripper pole.
   Legal Briefs: Two jury holdouts gave BILL COSBY a mistrial.
   In Court: HBO and JOHN OLIVER have been sued for defamation.
   Reality TV: "Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" is coming back for a second season
   Hollywood: RON HOWARD will direct the "Star Wars'" Han Solo spinoff.
   Weekend movies: "Transformers: The Last Knight" should top the box office.
   Music: LORDE is signing lithographs of the cover of her new album, "Melodrama," on her website for 24 hours.
   Old School: GENE SIMMONS abandons his attempt to trademark "Devil Horns."
   Sucking Up: Thinking about lunch? It's National Eat At A Food Truck Day.
   Boonies: The State of Oregon pass a "Roadkill Bill."
   Extreme: The new hot toy in China is reportedly a mini-crossbow that fires needles and toothpicks.
   Sports: Philadelphia 76ers took Point Guard MARKELLE FULTZ as the top pick in the NBA Draft.
   Rocket Science: NASA scientist just calls B-S on a GWYNETH PALTROW health product!
   Health: There may be a few things you can do to keep dementia at bay.
   Survey Sez: American teens' sex habits and contraceptive use haven't changed much over the past decade.
   --Plus-- more of the trash you've come to expect!


Take Your Dog to Work:
Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, started by Pet Sitters International as a way to encourage pet adoption.
   It's always held on the Friday following Father’s Day, and (of course) encourages everybody to bring their four-legged friends in with them. Unfortunately, while a survey from Wellness Natural Pet Food found that while just under half of Americans (48 percent) wish that they could bring their pets to work, only 12 percent of those surveyed said their pets are allowed in their workplace.

   Some tips on what --and what not-- to do when you bring your furry friend in:
   --DO tell your co-workers what is reasonable for your dog in regard to treats and commands.
   --DO make sure you have clean-up materials for any accident your pet might have.
   --DO make sure your dog is well-trained, socialized and housebroken before being brought into the office.
   --DO make sure all of his or her vaccinations are up to date.

   --DON'T forget to take a break and go for a walk.
   --DON'T leave your dog unattended without designating a responsible party to make sure your dog’s needs are taken care of while you’re unavailable.
   --DON'T forget to bring a water bowl, a few quiet chew toys, treats, and a leash. (Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution)